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About Our Company

We make it easy

We start by getting to know you and your needs, so we can better represent you in all aspects of the transaction, from marketing to negotiations and lease agreements.


Your Investment is Our Priority.

Navigating the rental market and laws surrounding it can be overwhelming. From marketing your property and collecting rental payments to finding the perfect tenants and safely navigating the Oregon Landlord Tenant Laws our team will take the worry out of the process. When you enlist Homestead Property Management LLC, we make your property our priority. We’ll also keep you in-the-know on the real estate market and factors that could have an impact on your investment.

The professionals’ at Homestead Property Management LLC have the experience and industry know-how to help you protect and maximize your investment.


Grow and protect your investment.

We’ll keep you informed as to the rental and real estate market and help you make informed decisions to keep your property competitive while also adding to your investment.

Some of what we provide:

-Strategize to set the right rental price and adjusting to keep pace with changes in the market.

-Advice on changes that will make your rental property more attractive to prospective renters.

-Overseeing necessary repairs or upgrades to maintain and improve the value of your investment property (Our staff is continually researching ways to improve your properties energy consumption and are skilled in working with the Oregon Energy Trust, utility companies and professional contractors to get you the best possible energy improvements at the most affordable cost. )

-Interested applicants will be thoroughly screened to include credit checks, employment verification, rental history / references, eviction screening and criminal background checks as needed.

-All of the paperwork is handled for you. We will enforce the terms of the lease and personally handle any necessary eviction processes from beginning to end.

-Rent and Security Deposits are collected for you and held in secure Client Trust Accounts as mandated by Oregon Law.

-A thorough walk-through inspection of your rental property completed after each occupancy and periodically during occupancy. Maintain inspection reports and photos acquired during inspections.

-Monthly and year-end accounting statements, along with records of repair and maintenance activities.


Innovative Strategies for maximum exposure and return:

We understand that your investment property is more than just finding a tenant. We’ll employ marketing strategies and our industry connections to raise interest for your rental property and attract qualified applicants:

-Your property will be advertised in targeted venues which include but are not limited to:

-Our custom website which is linked to and monitored by third party rental websites.

-Our well known and distributed printed listing available both online and locally in print.

-National websites such as Zumper,, Google,, Trulia, and over 35 leading sites.


We have a well established brand with the highest occupancy rates of anyone in the area. With Homestead, you’ll have peace of mind that our experienced property management team will provide you with professional expertise and make your investment our priority.

Our Team
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